3D laser staircase scan, Scotland

The structure of this grand new-build home was nearly completed and we were asked by an overseas staircase balustrade manufacturer to carry out a high resolution 3D laser scan survey. This was so they could be sure that the bespoke, gold plated staircase could be guaranteed to fit.

Taking the Faro Focus X130 scanner as hand luggage on the plane to Glasgow meant that we could complete the task in a very time-efficient way. We scanned the staircase in 24 locations at high resolution, taking detailed photos each time. We used Trimble Realworks for the registration of the pointcloud data and line work. The overall cloud to cloud error was 1.03 millimetres, so incredibly accurate. The final file was saved in an industry standard AutoCAD DWG file format from which the manufacturer can create a 3D template.