Campsite, West Dean, Chichester

We were asked by an architect to carry out a topographical land survey of a campsite in West Dean, near Chichester, West Sussex.

Upon arrival at the site, we found that the survey area was heavily wooded and very hilly, with main access being through a narrow tunnel. The perimeter of the site was inaccessible in many places due to foliage, trees and brambles.

The survey included the main camping areas, which were situated on terraces, and a number of tricky outbuildings, as well as a propane gas storage facility, toilet blocks, and climbing frame / assault course areas.

We utilised our centimetre accurate GPS to gather Ordnance Survey Level and Grid (Newlyn) coordination, and we gathered site detail and levels using our Trimble S3 robotic total station theodolite (accurate to +/- 1mm in 300m).

All data was gathered on site in one day by just one of our surveyors.

We then produced a contoured site plan with sections in various positions to give the architect a full view of the site and its constraints.

We await the news on the site and wish our client the best of luck with this project.