Verified Views

A Verified View – also known as an Accurate Visual Representation (AVR), or a Visually Verified Montage (VVM) – is essentially a type of photomontage where the surveyor records camera position and key point data within the context of the image. This information can then be used by an architect to develop 3D models and perspectives.

Verified Views are great for planning purposes, supporting outline and ‘full plan’ planning applications and appeals. Planning authorities often request specialist CGIs to support applications for prominent developments or those within a sensitive context.

We can deliver a Verified View in the form of high-resolution PDF and DWG CAD files, accompanied by detailed camera information and a set of original images. We are typically able to prepare a Verified View ‘package’ in 10 working days.

What we usually need

  • A comprehensive list of requirements and/or areas to cover.
  • Existing CAD drawings, if available.
  • An Ordnance Survey extract plan of the area in question in DWG CAD format, which we are able to source if required.
  • Ideally a topographical survey of the area, although we can of course produce this as part of the brief if required.

Our approach

Site photography and camera matching: We visit the site and establish a centimetre accurate GPS position for each camera viewpoint, then proceed to capture all necessary images for each Verified View (typically using a 24-35mm lens combined with a high resolution image format), plus any site-specific information pertaining to them.

Site survey: We analyse the photographs to identify key points within each view, then return to the site to survey them.

Results: CAD drawings are produced showing the area surrounding the planning proposal, incorporating the field of view and any points of interest located on Ordnance Survey level and grid datum (Newlyn – level 3 only).